Sun day Fun day at the Pinnacles – Western Australia

We took a two drive north from Perth to the Nambung National Park. This place is famous for its discovery in the desert that is called “The Pinnacles. This is a major natural attraction in the Coral Coast region and a “must see”.  My Travelling companion and I were delighted that we got an opportunity to have a family outing at the famous park.

When we arrived at the Pinnacles we saw some thousands limestone pillars of different sizes and shapes spread over a vast area on yellow sand dunes. This scene is so unique as well as fascinating that you wonder in awe at these limestone columns. Along side the park you can see the idyllic deep blue Indian Ocean and sandy beach which stretches for miles.

image image

You may wonder what exactly are the Pinnacles? They are natural processes which have been formed over millions of years after the sea receded and left deposits of sea shells. Over time the costal winds blew the sand around exposing the pillars which can be found in unique formations. We enjoyed driving around the park by car in a marked track and took in the alien like scenes as we viewed the unusual shaped pillars. We stopped every now and then to take out some fantastic photographs.

Next we drove a little further north to Cervantes a small crayfishing town fringed by beautiful clean beach which in summer must be packed with bathers and perfect for windsurfying and other water activities. Since we were the winter visitors it was pretty quiet on the beach except for a few tourists.

We couldn’t leave this town before stopping for lunch at the Lobster Shack which is a well known in this area for great sea food.  We ate some delicious juicy grilled lobsters and tasty fish and chips. What a delightful meal !


It took us two hours to drive back to Perth. This was a real fun Sunday, enjoyable in every sense of the word and something to cherish and remind us of our visit to this natural wonder.

So fellow travelers follow us as we continue to have fun and enjoy new adventures.  Stay tuned for our next adventure.



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