Eating out in Perth

I love eating at home in a casual setting with family and occasionally I enjoy cooking special dishes that my  family enjoy but eating out has a charm of its own.  Perth city center definitely has some good places to dine and entertain family and friends. So we had a Friday night out at Hawkers  Cusine the popular Perth Malaysian restaurant in Northbridge. image For starters the place was crowded.  Hawkers do not take reservations, they are assured of hungry patrons who are more than willing to wait in line to be called up when a table becomes available. They also have a BYOB policy which was great. Now since our friend had dinned at Hawkers Cuisine several times before she suggested a variety of every conceivable Malaysian dish she thought we should enjoy. To our surprise when the food arrived it was something to behold.  Our dishes were served to our table in slow successions as we enjoyed and as savoured each course one by one. For starters we had Laksa a delicious soup with Singapore noodles it was tasty and delicious and filling.  Then came the main courses one after the other . We had the Beef Rendang which was tender with a tasty sauce, Marmite chicken,  Hawker’s Fried rice, Roti Canai, Golden Butter Prawns, Singapore Chilli Crab, two vegetables dishes green beans and a sauterred spinach.  For me it was all about the crab dish.  Most patrons of Hawkers rave about their rock crab preparation.  To our good luck a shipment of crab was delivered to the restaurant just while we were placing our order.  When the time came for dessert, you can very well guess none of us could not a eat morsel more and we had to pass up on that. What an excellent  evening in great company, lively chatter and sumptuous food. Who could ask for more. My Travelling  partner and I are greatful to have met wonderful people, loving family and friends as we keep travelling and experiencing different cuisines on our journey. Till then fellow travelers we will continue travelling. image image image


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