Thailand here we come again !

Thailand is such a fantastic holiday destination that this is our second visit to this country. We have been to Chaing Mai in the north and Karabi in the south. This time we decided to vacation at the beach side resort of Patong Bay, in Pukhet.

This beach is beautiful and clean and my Travelling partner and I enjoyed some lovely walks along the beach and taking in amazing sunsets. On the beach we saw plenty of water activities wind surfing was very imagepopular during the day and at dusk it was a treat to watch the skies aglow with displays of fire crackers and candle lit lanterns floating in the air.
















As Thailand is surrounded by ocean, fishing is popular in this country. We looked forward to feasting on seafood everyday. Guess what, we were not disappointed. We ate out every night and  tried a variety of sea food dishes. What was interesting most of the sea food restaurants had freshly caught sea food on display and we picked our choices and the cooks cooked what we had picked according to our request. The meals were delicious and tasty and the freshness of the seafood was something to write home about. We ate lobsters, crabs, tiger shrimp, calamari, snapper and grouper Thai cuisine style.









imageWe also took a stroll down Bangla Road a place buzzing with activity. Here most of the bars can be found and it is packed with tourists who come bar hopping and to socialize. Behind Bangla Road we found an interesting fresh produce  Banzaan Market. One evening we bought our snapper and calmari from the fish market and walked to the first floor restaurant to get is cooked. That was an awesome Thai sea food dinner.










Our stay in Thailand was so relaxed and refreshing if we were not on the beach we were relaxing at the pool side, reading or just soaking in the sun. This is my idea of a holiday eating, drinking and chilling out. I read somewhere booking a holiday to an exciting destination has more meaning to a woman than buying her jewelry. If this is true I must be one lucky woman !

So as I leave Thailand for my next destination I say “laa gon ” ” pop gan mai”. Good bye, see you again !image



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