A mini vacation in a tropical paradise

Recently I visited Cuba on a mini vacation with my travelling companion who is excellent at securing last minute all inclusive deals.  You may be aware that this beautiful Island is one of the favourite vacation destination for Canadians and if you are a savvy traveller you can enjoy a relaxing holiday good food and drinks on a shoe-string budget at a five star hotel in the summer.

Timing of course is every thing, most people prefer to stay away from this tropical destination, because the effects of the UV rays. For me I love the heat and know how to avoid the sun.  I also found a way to keep cool by drinking a lot of coconut water from the fresh coconut fruit found abundantly on the island. The main reason I went to Cuba was to get my fill of the delicious tropical fruits which more than compensates for the heat of the summer in my humble opinion.

So why do I yearn for fresh tropical fruits? Well, because they remind me of my childhood.  I remember when I was young I would spend my summer afternoons relaxing with a good book in the backyard. There were other fruit trees as well like coconut, guavas, custard apple and even a mulberry tree. My favourite spot of course was under the mango tree and ever so often ripe mangoes would literally fall from the trees and I remember running to pick them up and devouring the juicy fruit hungrily hoping none of my siblings would see me. Thats how much I love mangoes!

Now in Cuba there was plenty of fresh yummy seafood like grouper and snapper which my travelling companion raved about but for me it was all about mangoes. I ate mangoes for breakfast as a starter and mango milkshake instead of cappuccino, for lunch I enjoyed a mango salad and my dinner always ended with the delicious mango ice-cream. I have to say the size of the mangoes in Cuba were huge, way bigger than I had seen before. They were not only big, but juicy and tasty as well.  Just for information I may add I was told the variety of this delicious fruit is ‘manga amarilla’ which has a deep orange flesh which is more popular variety than ‘manga blanca’ which has a pale yellow flesh. Now I totally agree with the saying ‘Mango is the ‘king of fruits’  The picture will speak for itself.

So next summer if no better adventure turn up you know where I will be heading, to my favourite tropical destination of course!




2 thoughts on “A mini vacation in a tropical paradise

  1. Dear Renuka, I enjoyed reading your blog. It is such a wonderful way of keeping track. Good on you for trying out this new way. I wish I knew how to work it out.


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