The night of the Mehndi

The Mehndi ceremony is another traditional and exciting pre wedding ceremony.  In the Indian subcontinent  as I mentioned in my previous post, lots of emphasis is on traditions and culture. The Mehndi ceremony is another integral part of the wedding ceremony.  This ceremony was organised by the family of the bride. It is interesting to know that Mehndi (paste of dried powdered henna leaves which … Continue reading The night of the Mehndi

Let the celebrations begin!

In the Indian subcontinent families play a major role when their children get married.   Even though people have migrated around the world, some of their cultural traditions  have followed them and still play an integral part of the wedding factor.  A traditional wedding in our culture is an elaborate affair with four or five days of celebrations.  I am excited to say that both … Continue reading Let the celebrations begin!

My summer in Melbourne

The excitement of ushering in New Year 2019 and visiting Melbourne in summer was too much for me to contain.  Just the thought of escaping Toronto’s wintry weather and the minus windchill sent me on a new high that I had not experienced for a very long time.  So when I got on the plane for the long journey Down under the only thing on … Continue reading My summer in Melbourne

Sun day Fun day at the Pinnacles – Western Australia

We took a two drive north from Perth to the Nambung National Park. This place is famous for its discovery in the desert that is called “The Pinnacles. This is a major natural attraction in the Coral Coast region and a “must see”.  My Travelling companion and I were delighted that we got an opportunity to have a family outing at the famous park. When … Continue reading Sun day Fun day at the Pinnacles – Western Australia


Western Australia Botanic Garden and King’s Park is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. This well kept park is massive, wide spread and beautifully laid out. We went to check it out and we learned a lot about plants.  It was a good learning experience and it provided my Travelling companion and myself the much needed exercise we deserved as we walked along the pavement … Continue reading ONE with NATURE

Eating out in Perth

I love eating at home in a casual setting with family and occasionally I enjoy cooking special dishes that my  family enjoy but eating out has a charm of its own.  Perth city center definitely has some good places to dine and entertain family and friends. So we had a Friday night out at Hawkers  Cusine the popular Perth Malaysian restaurant in Northbridge. For starters … Continue reading Eating out in Perth